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Wait! Another new ‘Nets’ uniform leaked?!?

We’ve seen the New Jersey throwback uniform, the Jean-Michel Basquiat-inspired City Edition and now, the Earned Edition number. Will wonders ever cease? The Earned Edition is normally reserved for those teams that made the playoffs the previous season but this year apparently includes the 18 teams who played in the “bubble.”

So here you go, courtesy of OKC Tracker which broke the news Tuesday night. The big news: Like the others, the Earned Edition features the team’s name — NETS — as its main design element. That wasn’t always the case under the last two owners.

As you can see, the Nets uniform design is based on the same New York subway theme that has been a hallmark of a lot of Nets designs, harkening back to the lettering on the original, Jay-Z inspired BKLYN black-and-whites and subway-tiled endlines.

In addition, these new black-and-whites include a herringbone design element ... as did the Nets original Brooklyn court, apparently a subtle homage to the owners’ Russian roots. The herringbone design was mimicked the flooring found in many Moscow post-war apartments (and then owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s ONEXIM headquarters.)

No official word on anything, like when they will be available or when the Nets will wear them for the first time.