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Devin Cannady: Princeton grad, NBA player and now poll watcher!

Long Island Nets v Erie Bayhawks Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

While a lot of us — NBA players as well as fans — were glued to their television and other screens on Tuesday, Devin Cannady was getting a closer look at the election process. The Long Island Nets player who had been in Brooklyn’s training camp last year worked as a poll worker in his home state of Indiana.

Cannady tweeted about his experience on Wednesday. The 24-year-old who graduated Princeton in May with a degree in sociology saw the job as patriotic...

In a text exchange with NetsDaily, Cannady further explained why he volunteered...

“My college teammate Ryan Schwieger co-founded the Poll Hero Project and inspired me to get involved,” he told Chris Milholen. “The best part was that my siblings (Delaina: 19, Dylan: 17) worked alongside me.”

“I’m confident that my generation will take these past four years and create a much better future.”

Earlier in the week, Cannady proudly tweeted out a short video when he received his poll watchers’ coronavirus safety kit.

Speaking of pride, after NetsDaily retweeted Cannady, Princeton’s official Twitter feed retweeted us.