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A wagering divide in New York as bettors put their chips on black-and-white

Nevada Casinos Reopen For Business After Closure For Coronavirus Pandemic Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Nets and Knicks seem to be moving in opposite directions in last couple of years and now it’s showing up in sports books. The Nets roster looks stacked, their injured superstars fully recovered and one of the game’s leading superstars wants to play for them. On the other side of the Hudson, the best thing being said is that the Knicks are being “patient.” Now, those who vote with their wallets have made their feelings known. Bettors are placing their chips on black ... and white.

As Marc Berman of the Post writes Wednesday...”All of the NBA stars in New York City reside in Brooklyn.”

Here’s the bottom line from Westgate, one of the biggest Las Vegas sports books: the Nets are 5-1 to win it all, behind only the Lakers who are 3-1 to repeat while the Knicks are 500-1 and tied for the worst odds with the Cavaliers and Thunder (who are league leaders in draft picks and trade exceptions.)

In terms of wins, the disparity is just as great on the Westgate screens, per Berman...

—New York is tied with Cleveland for the fewest projected victories at 22 ½. That’s based on a 72-game schedule, so a 22-50 Knicks record wins the under bet...

—The Nets have been given an over/under for wins of 45 ½. That means a 46-26 Nets record wins the over bet.

Of course, no games have been played. It’s all just gamblers’ sentiment, as quantified by how much they want to slap down. And part of that sentiment is based on the possibility that James Harden will get his way and wind up in Brooklyn, said Westgate’s risk management director Jeff Sherman.

In fact, another book, BetOnline. has stopped taking bets on both the Nets and Rockets.

“It was tricky this year to calculate Win Totals with the shortened season and I will admit some may be a touch off. We are really curious to see how some of these get bet,” BetOnline SportsBook Manager Adam Burns told The Post. “We are not opening the Nets or Rockets Wins just yet as we’re still waiting on the Harden rumors, which would have a major impact of probably six wins for the Rockets.”

However, if you want to bet on whether Harden will join the Nets, you can do that. They’re the favorites.

So, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.