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On the subways of New York, Steve Nash is here to tell you, ‘Wear a mask!’

2018 Steve Nash Showdown Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images

We began to see tweets about this over the weekend...

And indeed, it is so. The MTA, the state agency that runs the subway, got the Nets new head coach to record a PSA (public service announcement) advising straphangers to do their civic duty...

Take a listen.

The 10-second message is heard in 388 (out of 472) stations across the city. It’s part of the MTA’s “Wear a mask, save a life” program. Nash is one of several sports and entertainment figures in the city who’ve recorded personalized messages. John Franco, the Mets legend, recorded his last month...

“Hey, this is John Franco. I saved 276 games for the New York Mets and now I’m asking you to make a few saves of your own – by wearing a mask on public transit,” Franco said in the PSA recording. “You’ll keep yourself safe, others safe, and you may even save a life or two.”

So take his advice, wear a mask!