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NBA Free Agency Live Thread: Where Brooklyn at?

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Five Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The NBA Free Agency period officially begins - as it never does - begins Friday at 6pm EST. Just over a month shy of the start of the 2020-21 NBA season. What a year...what a year.

As we head into the start of free agency, what are the Nets top priorities?

Mr. Net Income:

For the Nets, the top priority was and is Joe Harris, who is an unrestricted free agent. The Nets hold his Bird Rights Nets meaning they can sign him for any amount (up to $30 million a year) without having to worry about going over the cap.

In Friday morning’s press availability, Sean Marks once again said he wants the 6’6” sharpshooter back. “It would certainly be great to have him continue the ride with us,” said Marks.

Yeah, it starts with Joe.

Also on their radar is Serge Ibaka, friend of Kevin Durant, and a big with a championship ring who can defend a little and shoot from long range.

So who else would the Nets be interested in? The other big name is Raptors free agent center Serge Ibaka who Kevin Durant (and reportedly others in the organization) have been recruiting. The Nets can offer no more than the taxpayers MLE —$5.7 million to start and $18 million over three. That would be a big shortfall if you think that the 31-year-old seven-footer could attract $12 to $15 million, as some reports have indicated. He made $23.2 million last year

Still, Ibaka has over the course of his career earned $120 million and there are those who think his top priority may not be making more money but winning a ring with a friend. KD and Ibaka are friends and played seven years together in Oklahoma City. Ibaka, Durant and James Harden played two years together in OKC. And is there another veteran who might be willing to “ring chase?” Danilo Gallinari, who liked playing in New York, has said that winning will be a priority in his free agent decision.

A few ideas, for those looking for them.

Who do you guys think the Nets should go after?