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‘A little bit of Jersey in Brooklyn’ - Nets preview throwback court design

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If you were STILL wondering about how big of a marketing effort the Nets are putting in their New Jersey roots, wonder no more. On Monday, the Nets previewed the home court it will use on those nights the team will wear their “Classic Edition” throwback jerseys.

Like the tie-dyed uniforms worn at the Meadowlands back in the early 1990’s, the court mimics the era of Drazen Petrovic, Derrick Coleman and Kenny Anderson...

And the marketing angle is not subtle...

The court layout was put together by the Nets two in-house graphic designers, Derrick Hamilton and Jessie Kavana. They played a similar role in the Nets court’s re-design last year.

The news follows by two weeks the official unveiling — by childhood New Jersey Nets fan Kyrie Irving — of the throwback uniforms. As Joe Tsai tweeted at the time, it’s all about the “Jersey in us.”

Both Coleman and Anderson signaled their approval...