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Joey Bada$$ releases Nets remix limited-edition jersey, adding on to Nets resume

Joey Bada$$, rapper and Brooklyn native, is one of many hip hop artists asked to design limited-edition jerseys for Mitchell & Ness and Bleacher Report’s latest NBA remix collection.

Bada$$’s version of the NBA remix jersey includes inspiration from the Nets 1970s jerseys when the team was based on Long Island. The jersey immediately caught the eyes of fans and Barclays Center endorsed the release. Bada$$ introduced the jersey on the Barclays Center practice court.

There’s no indication the Nets will wear the uniforms.

This is not the first time Bada$$ lent his native Brooklyn flavor to the Nets organization. Back when the Nets released their city jerseys last season, Bada$$ was featured in the presentation. In addition, Bada$$ is a season ticket holder for the Nets. The East Flatbush native was seen at a number of Nets game during the past couple of seasons.

“I’m a season ticket holder but nobody knows I’m the ambassador dude,” the 25-year-old Bada$$ said in a 2019 interview with Angie Martinez. “like nobody knows I’m talking to Kevin Durant right now.”

In addition, Bada$$ noted how when present at Nets game, he plays it cool isn’t afraid of submitting his two cents to help recruit players to the Nets. Bada$$ is rumored to have helped with the wooing of Durant.

“Just be cool at the games, you know, talk to the players and recruit other players from other cities maybe,” Bada$$ added.

Bada$$ has long expressed his Brooklyn pride including in his song... “Brooklyn’s Own.”

The NBA remix collection launched in March of 2019 when Travis Scott put his imagination to work and remixed the 1970s Houston Rockets jerseys.