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Spencer Dinwiddie won’t let up on Knicks ... ‘I tell the truth; Y’all just don’t like truth’

Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

One never knows who serious Spencer Dinwiddie is when he’s talking about the Knicks, but he won’t let up on the Nets cross-river rivals. When given the chance, he will say things that Knicks fans will find offensive, outrageous.

And so when asked about his “trolling” of Knick fans on House of Highlights’ “Through the Wire” podcast Friday, he stepped right up. No, he’s not trolling. He’s simply telling the truth to a group of people who resist hearing it..

“No, so it’s not really shots. Like, I tell the truth: Y’all just don’t like truth and it turns into this whole big [thing]. Hey look, if y’all are bums, y’all are bums,” Dinwiddie said jokingly (we think.)

Then, in noting that Theo Pinson is now with the Knicks, he doubled down while shouting out.

“Y’all got my guy Theo Pinson. I know y’all bench is going to be lively and dancing and stuff. It’s gonna be phenomenal to see. Still going to get your heads cracked. It is what it is.”

Whether trolling or truth-telling, Dinwiddie has been having fun at the Knicks fans expense for a long time. He even had some fun while recovering from a bout of COVID-19.

On Sunday, Dinwiddie tweeted out an unconvincing clarification. He meant to say “buns,” not “bums.”


Dinwidde spoke as well as the podcast about the constant trade rumors that have him going hither and you to satisfy (some) fans desire for the “third star” despite averaging 20 and 7 mostly filling in for injured teammates Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert

“It’s part of the business of the NBA,” Dinwiddie said. “To feel forgotten about after averaging 20 points a game is an interesting experience. But it’s a lot better than feeling forgotten about and averaging four points a game. So you just roll with it and just try to plug in the best you can on the team that you’re on and figure it out day-by-day.”

Dinwiddie’s situation is complicated by his player option at the end of this coming season. It’s anticipated that Dinwiddie will opt out and ask for a bigger deal ... with the Nets or another team.

The 27-year-old also expressed confidence in what the Nets can be in 2021 with KevIn Durant, LeVert and Irving all healthy.

“We understand the talent we have, we understand the expectations, we understand the championship-type of mentality,” Dinwiddie said.

“We also are realistic in the sense of, ‘Hey, everything’s a process, we don’t go out and make guarantees.’ But we want to put our best foot forward, and we believe in our talent and want to win. Obviously there’s no other reason to do this, to play this game, team up and all that stuff.”

He also noted that the team has gone from underdogs to contenders.

“Definitely, we understand there’s a difference between being an underdog, and we have a little bit of a target,” Dinwiddie said. “We can’t fully say we’re the champs or we have the team with the target or any of those things. But we do understand when KD and Kyrie are on the roster, immediately expectations on you are raised. So you have to meet those and hopefully exceed them.”