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Begley: Two assistants with ties to Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving ‘considered’ by Nets

Oklahoma City Thunder v Indiana Pacers Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

Ian Begley of SNY says two assistant coaches with long times to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are being “considered” for jobs on Steve Nash’s staff, calling them “on Brooklyn’s radar.” Phil Handy of the Lakers has been mentioned before. This the first time Brian Keefe of the Thunder has been identified as a possibility.

Here’s his report, laying out their ties to the Nets two superstars...

A few notes on Steve Nash’s coaching staff and other staffs around the league:

Oklahoma City’s Brian Keefe is one assistant that some people with Brooklyn see as a strong fit for Nash’s staff, per SNY sources.

Keefe was coaching in Oklahoma City when Kevin Durant was with the organization. He was with the Knicks during Derek Fisher’s tenure and coached in Los Angeles under Luke Walton.

Keefe was Donovan’s top assistant in Oklahoma City.

Nash’s top assistant is Jacque Vaughn. Brooklyn assistant coach Adam Harrington is expected to remain on Nash’s staff. He has a close relationship with both Nash and Durant.

Lakers assistant coach Phil Handy is also seen as a candidate for Nash’s staff by some people in the Nets organization, SNY sources confirm.

Handy is close with Kyrie Irving. The Athletic first reported that Handy was one of the assistant coaches on Brooklyn’s radar.

Handy, of course, is in the Finals with the Lakers, his sixth straight season in the Finals, having won twice already, in 2016 with the Cavaliers and with the Raptors last year. He previously served as a player development coach for the Lakers in 2011-13.

Keefe is well respected around the league but his status after Billy Donovan left the Thunder is unknown. Donovan, of course, is now with the Bulls. Keefe has had two runs with OKC, back in 2007-2015, leaving for the Lakers and then the Knicks before returning to the Thunder last year. Spoiler Alert: he got his start in the Spurs video room, working there between 2005 and 2007 when Sean Marks was a player for San Antonio.