Resetting Expectations On a Season Gone Wrong

It ain't easy being a Nets fan. A lot of the buzz and excitement emanating from their historic free agent haul has faded.

Once rumors began circulating that Kyrie may be done for the year, Nets fans had to be asking themselves, "Why can't we have nice things?"

Last night's game typified the Net's long view approach. Mired in a 6 game losing streak, playing at home in a winnable game, and the Nets opted to sit their best active player, Levert, for the entire OT, adhering to a minutes restriction put forth by the performance team and enforced by Atkinson.

I saw the vitriol in the Nets postgame comments, and some of it is warranted (for instance, why do the fans seem to care more about wins and losses this year than the organization?). But there were overreactions stemming from frustration as well.

I'm not ready to fire Kenny, even though his in-game decision-making leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not going to dump on Din (who is likely fatigued for having to carry the Nets most of the season) just because he's been struggling of late. Someone said Din looks disinterested. Please.

Fact is, minus the superstars, the Nets are a break-evenish type of team, just like they were last year.

So what's a Nets fan to do?

Obviously it's disappointing to be in this situation. Preaching patience to a win-starved fan base is a tough sell. But there is legitimate light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

I think the least frustrating course is to reset expectations and just look for the silver linings where you can find them: 1) The Nets get their lottery pick back from Atlanta if they miss the playoffs; 2) It's still exciting (at least for long-time Nets fans) to make the playoffs, which is still a strong possibility; 3) Enjoy the return of Levert, and see how he responds to being the man for the rest of the year (health permitting); 4) See how some of the other young fellas develop (TLC has shown promise, Allen has made strides, Kurucs seems to be getting his mojo back); 5) Remember that two HOF caliber players are walking through that door at some point.