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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls, 7:30 PM

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Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Nets are back at it on Friday night after an emotional win on Wednesday over the Pistons. The Chicago Bulls, the team right on their heels in the 9th spot in the East, are in town with hopes of picking up some ground on the 8th place Nets.

WHO: Brooklyn Nets (20-26) vs. Chicago Bulls (19-31)


WHERE: YES Network (tv), WFAN (radio), Barclays Center (live)

Game Preview

Brooklyn ought to own the boards. The Bulls have been the second worst rebounding team in the league this year, and the loss of Carter has hurt them dramatically. Jarrett Allen and DeAndre Jordan ought to feast tonight.

Both teams are similarly sloppy taking care of the ball, so expect lots of bricks and turnovers. Yuck.

It’s always good to see an old friend of ours come back to town. Thaddeus Young has carved out a nice career for himself as it’s taken him from Philly, Minnesota, Brooklyn, Indiana, and now Chicago. Amazingly, he’s only 31. He feels a lot older, though.

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