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VIDEO: Pooch reflects back on Kobe, Kyrie, Dinwiddie, win over Detroit and more

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Anthony Puccio, aka “Pooch”, discusses Kobe and Gianna Bryant with personal stories; Kyrie Irving and Spencer Dinwiddie; All-Star snubs and so much more in Episode 97 of State of the Nets.

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2:00 – 5:38: Rest in Peace, Kobe, GiGi and the 7 passengers

5:39 – 6:49: Shoutout to Nets for a phenomenal tribute; Vibe at Barclays Center

6:50 – 11:35: Nets win over Detroit; Standings watch; Importance of Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyrie Irving being on the same page; Different motor to Kyrie; Caris LeVert needs to find his touch

11:40 – 15:58: Growing from this as a team; Was Dinwiddie snubbed? Missing veteran leaders from last year

16:00 – 20:40: Why Kevin Durant speaking at practice is a metaphor for the Nets; Importance of LeVert playing downhill; Are Garrett Temple and DeAndre Jordan the new veteran leaders?

20:45 – 25:52: Jarrett Allen playing great basketball; “Family” culture last year versus this year; First story of watching Kobe Bryant; Kobe’s next chapter was more important than his first

26:00 – 31:45: DLo return game; Dinwiddie hooked up a fan with no.26 jersey; Thoughts on All-Star format; Does DLo get a standing O?

31:46: - 36:51: Thoughts on a trade for Aaron Gordon; Starting 5 against Chicago; Dinwiddie as a starter versus coming off the bench; Trades I’m interested in outside of the Nets; Will Nets make a move?

36:56 – 40:32: Best food at Barclays; Does KD return; Nets at the deadline in the past; Rodions Kurucs staying patient

40:33 – 46:45: My experience covering Kobe; Favorite Net All-Star moment; Did Kyrie get snubbed? My Rookie of the Year; My biggest snub?

46:46 – END: Closing statement: Gone too soon. RIP