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VIDEO: Pooch talks all things Nets at the midway point of the season

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Anthony Puccio, aka “Pooch”, discusses the State of the Nets at the midway point of the season.

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The Spiel

1:15 – 14:15: The Brooklyn Nets at the midway point:

·Kyrie Irving - Playing undermanned - Sticking up for Kenny Atkinson - The Culture now versus past 3 years - Likes and dislikes - What is this team’s identity throught 41 games?


14:16 – 21:00: What’s the vibe like in the locker room? Nicolas Claxton and his ability to play the 4; Rodions Kurucs is the best PF on this team; Ideal starting 5.

21:10 – 26:36: Replicating Miami’s culture; Insinuating that Kyrie created cliques? Nets 4th quarter woes; Is Jarrett Allen the only one playing defense? Evaluating Dzanan Musa.

26:40 – 32:49: Nets need to show heart; Does Kyrie play against Lakers? Why the Nets can’t play smaller; If I can bring back 1 player from last year, who would it be?

32:50 – 40:22: Does Wilson Chandler deserve more time? RODI! Did the Nets lose their heart and soul? Why the 4th quarter woes? Importance of closing out quarters; Do the Nets make the playoffs?

40:23 – 48:40: Does Atkinson get any blame and where he needs to improve; Why Kenny and KD are a good match together; Serge Ibaka offseason target? Where has Sean Marks been?

48:51 – 58:00: Kyrie isn’t a leader; Things fall into place when KD comes back; Do Nets get Kyrie without KD? Will KD play this year? Can Claxton play the 4 or 5? Dinwiddie’s 4th quarter struggles? Will Nets make a trade?

58:00 – 59:00: CLOSING STATEMENT!