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VIDEO: Pooch discusses Kyrie Irving’s comments

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Anthony Puccio, aka “Pooch”, touches on all things revolving around Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets in episode 95 of State of the Nets.

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The following is an outline for the Periscope:

State of the Nets Episode 95: Kyrie Irving says the Nets need “one or two more pieces.”

1:30: — 10:15: Evaluating Kyrie’s comments and his leadership; Nets culture vs. Superstar culture

10:16 – 15:20: So, who’s calling the shots around Brooklyn? Handling Kyrie’s injury; Accountability; The missing piece: Kevin Durant


15:23 – 18:28: How would I feel if I were left out? Overreacting? Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson; Superstar comes to Brooklyn and takes control…

18:29 – 25:55: Expect culture to stay the same? Trade anytime soon? He didn’t throw anybody under the bus…? Stars run the show? Not how you handle this situation; second guessing?

26:00 – 30:05: Should Caris start? Need a “new culture”? Importance of keeping things behind closed doors; Nic Claxton getting more time now

30:40 – 35:40: Re-sign Joe Harris? Nets getting out-hustled? Most overhyped player? FT shooting becoming a legitimate issue…

35:43 – 40:39: Sean Marks has been quiet… Is any of this Atkinson’s fault? Any good news? Irving/Dinwiddie adjusting together

40:50 – 46:35: Words of hope? Season feels like a twilight zone; Assessing his injury; Atkinson is the last guy to blame; Joe Harris’ struggles

46:37 – 51:45: Handled the situation wrong? Would Nets ever trade Kyrie? If healthy, are Nets a championship team?

52:00 – 1:00:00: Kenny auditioning guys? Is Jarrett Allen a starting center on a championship team? Ideal starting 5; What are the Nets missing?

1:00:01 – 1:01:06: WRAP-UP; CLOSING STATEMENT