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Kevin Durant: Rehab ‘frustrating,’ a ‘grind’ that requires ‘‘patience’

Oklahoma City Thunder v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Kevin Durant didn’t answer fans’ Twitter questions about when he’ll return to the court but described what it’s been like rehabbing from his Achilles surgery last June.

The Q. and A. was hosted by @Boardroom, the same Twitter feed where he announced his decision to join the Nets a few weeks after his surgery.

In answer to one fan who noted he had also torn his Achilles in August, KD spoke about the difficulties he’s faced in the process.

“Just the everyday grind, some days i get irritated by how slow the process is, some days i miss playing, some days i want to do more than im allowed. Then theres the physical side, lifting weights and getting used to movement after 6 months off...

“It gets better everyday but its good to have patience...wishing u well on the road to recovery.”

Asked who’s the NBA’s best point guard when healthy, KD didn’t hesitate, “Kyrie Irving.” He also selected his own shoe, the KD4, when asked his favorite footwear.

He also listed the five hardest NBA player to guard, naming LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams , Paul George and Joel Embiid. He later added James Harden, noting “I’m an idiot, I’m forgetting James Harden, I apologize.”

He also took a look into the future and named Emoni Bates and Cade Cunningham as the best scholastic players in the country. Bates, a 6’10” small forward from Ypisplanti, Michigan, has been compared to Durant.

Asked what basketball move he hasn’t been able to master, Durant said the “right leg runner.”

Finally, he shared some thoughts about playing ... football.

“I still fantasize about being an wideout, qb, and corner,” he wrote, and added “i would probably pick Qb because of the control but those other positions look fun.”

And when asked why he engages with fans, Durant wrote: “I enjoy social media, in particular, topics about basketball.”