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Mazzeo: Kyrie Irving endorses Nets retiring Vince Carter’s No. 15

Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

In a conversation with Mike Mazzeo post-game Sunday, Kyrie Irving said he endorsed the idea of his childhood team retiring Vince Carter’s No. 15.

“Anytime you’re a Nets’ legend and give that much of your time (to the organization), and all the ups and downs he stuck through after J-Kidd left, he did all he could so I think he should. Absolutely,” Irving told Mazzeo following Sunday’s blowout victory over the Atlanta Hawks at Barclays Center.
Mazzeo, writing for Forbes Sports, also quoted Irving, who grew up in West Orange, on his fandom as a boy attending New Jersey Nets games in the Meadowlands.

“I was just a kid in my room watching VC and the New Jersey Nets,” said Irving who described himself as a “diehard” fan growing up. “And that was a kid’s dream to go see Vince Carter and Jason Kidd and the Nets play. VC used to do some amazing things. … Big, big fan (of his). Always will be. Got his jersey in my book bag. Yeah, I’m a happy New Jersey Nets fan.”

The Nets have retired seven numbers, the most recent Jason Kidd, VC’s teammate for three and a half years, in 2013.

.Carter admitted Sunday he took a look up at the numbers already retired.

“When you look up in the rafters here and you see the group of people that is up there, if I one day get that opportunity or that honor, I’m OK with going up there. Be with guys who I looked up to like Dr. J and a great teammate like J-Kidd,” Carter said.

Carter played five seasons with the franchise, averaging 23.6 points, the highest average in team history. He made three All-Star teams and three playoff appearances over that span, and still ranks third on the Nets’ all-time scoring list, behind Brook Lopez and Buck Williams.