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Nets’ Rodions Kurucs arrested for choking his girlfriend in June

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Nets’ wing Rodions Kurucs has been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. According to the charges, Kurucs choked his girlfriend on the night of June 27th in his Brooklyn apartment during an argument.

Kurucs, 21, was charged with “obstructing the woman’s breathing.” He also, allegedly, slapped his girlfriend in the face twice, bit her lip and forcefully tossed her on the bed, hurting her ribs. Under New York state law, the charge is a misdemeanor.

From the Daily News which first broke news of the arrest.

Kurucs allegedly screamed, “I am going to kill myself!” He put his hand around the woman’s throat and choked her, then forced her to march to his bed...

Kurucs’ lawyer Alex Spiro noted there are no photos of the alleged assault, and that the woman didn’t report the incident for nearly two months.

Also during the arraignment, Judge Gina Abadi issued an order of protection and told Kurucs to stay away from the woman. She ordered him released without bail, with no objection from prosecutors.

The Daily News also quoted Kurucs’ defense counsel saying that the couple traveled to Las Vegas the day after the alleged incident.

Kurucs was released without bail. His next hearing is scheduled for October 21, two days before the Nets first game at Barclays Center.

The Brooklyn Nets released a statement about the incident on Tuesday ...

Kurucs played in 63 games for the Nets last season, his rookie year, starting in 43 of those games, averaging just over 20 minutes per game.