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Spencer Dinwiddie on if he thinks Nets can win it all: ‘Of course, I do. KD is the best player in the league’

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Denver Nuggets v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s not yet an accepted fact but increasingly, word around the NBA is that Kevin Durant is likely back this season.

And his teammate Spencer Dinwiddie is not doing anything to diminish speculation.

“I know KD is taking the rehab process ultra-serious” he said at a back-to-school event at Barclays. “He wants to come back as soon as it’s appropriate, and healthy and the right decision for him, and then also subsequently that would also be the right decision for (the Nets).”

Then he added...

“The beautiful part about this is, the man is 7-foot and one of the best shooters of all time. At worst you get Dirk [Nowitzki], and Dirk was a monster. So we’re ready for him to come back whenever he wants to and whenever he’s ready to do so, and we know that he’s going to be a phenomenal major piece of our roster.”

A roster the Nets point guard thinks could be “very, very special.” He not buying projections that Brooklyn will be decidedly average ... and without KD.

“We’re definitely going to improve. We added talent across the board. But it all depends on chemistry and cohesiveness. That’s always the trouble, that’s always the elephant in the room, right?” Dinwiddie told Brian Lewis. “Last year we were able to come together, even with injuries and in some cases kind of galvanizing the group in a sense.”

He does admit that chemistry will be critical.

“We’re a more talented team. But if we don’t come together then it doesn’t matter. That’s our job as a unit. And if we do, then yeah, of course, you want to contend for a title. You don’t put together a roster like this and not want to do that. We just signed the best player in the world.”

Again, the optimism about KD. So how special could the season be? A student at MS 354 if he was going to bring a championship to Brooklyn.

“He asked if I think the Brooklyn Nets will win a championship. Now, listen here: I don’t make guarantees. But of course I do. … KD is the best player in the league, right?”