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PROOF! Kevin Durant is a Brooklyn Net

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Brooklyn Nets

Take a deep breath. Gather yourself. It is real.

On Thursday, the Nets released images of Kevin Durant in Nets gear, the first time we’ve seen the 10-time All-Star, two-time NBA champion in black-and-white since he signed back in early July.

KD was posing for the camera, in front of green and white screens. He wasn’t wearing a cast, a walking boot or orthopedic sneakers. No word yet on when he’ll ready to play as he continues his recovery from Achilles surgery back in early June. You will see him next Friday at Nets Media Day. YES Network is airing the annual event live from the HSS Training Center, starting at 11:00 am, featuring the network’s Ryan Ruocco, Sarah Kustok and Michael Grady.

The Nets also dropped a tweet showing a new-look Kyrie Irving, with Afro and headband...

Meanwhile, TMZ Sports caught up with Durant on the streets of New York and reported he was walking without a limp, even comparing his gait this week with previous paparazzi sightings.

In his comments to reporters Wednesday, new CEO David Levy talked about how the Nets plan on marketing KD.

“We’re going to market our stars, our team, our culture. That’s opportunities for bigger sponsors, and the foundation Sean and Kenny built is going to help me do that,” Levy told Brian Lewis.

He even raised the possibility of tracking Durant’s recovery as part of the Nets marketing.

“Ultimately, I think there’s a good story around the comeback of Kevin Durant. ‘How does he rehab? What is he doing? How is he embracing himself in the community of Brooklyn?’ And I think Kevin is going to like that kind of thing,” Levy told Stefan Bondy. “I think that’s a big story in itself. As the team hopefully wins on the floor, what’s it going to mean when he’s back in and how is that going to affect things here and there? So I think there’s a lot to use with Kevin.”

Might be competing with TMZ!