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Begley: ‘Several Brooklyn players remain fully in favor of signing Carmelo Anthony’

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Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Sean Marks has a number of decisions to make before training camp opens a week from Friday. There’s the last roster spots, replacing assistant coaches, etc. You’d expect most if not all would be resolved by next Tuesday when he and Kenny Atkinson hold their preseason press conference.

One of those decisions might involve whether to sign Carmelo Anthony and SNY’s Ian Begley reports Wednesday that some Nets are still pushing for the team to add him.

The Nets open training camp in ten days and several Brooklyn players remain fully in favor of the club signing free agent Carmelo Anthony, per SNY sources.

Begley did not identify which players or note how many but he referred to previous reporting that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would welcome their Rio Olympics gold medalist.

The Nets of course have a full roster of 15 players but will lose Wilson Chandler for a third of the season because of his positive PED reading. Rodions Kurucs legal troubles remain unresolved as well.

Begley writes...

After the fifth game of Chandler’s suspension, the Nets can move the veteran forward to the inactive list.

This would allow them to add Anthony -- or another player -- to the roster on a traditional NBA deal. Once Chandler’s suspension ends, the Nets would have to cut one of their players on a traditional NBA deal in order to keep Anthony in this scenario.

That’s not the only scenario, he noted.

The Nets can also add Anthony on a training camp deal at any point in order for him to participate in camp and preseason games. Brooklyn has 17 players under contract at the moment.

Teams can have up to 20 players in training camp, so Anthony can be added on a training camp deal, waived prior to the regular season, and then re-signed when Chandler is moved to the inactive list.

BUT —and it’s a big but— Begley acknowledges that there’s no information on whether Marks is even interested in Melo.

In fact, the Nets could use the Chandler suspension to see how Henry Ellenson, their 22-year-old two way, fits the bill. He’s 6’11”, has good range and a good handle. Deng Adel, the 6’7” small forward who played with the Cavs last season, could get a tryout. He’s 22 as well.

Or Marks could surprise... again.