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Get ready for it: Celebrity follows superstardom

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TMZ Sports

TMZ Sports broke the “exclusive” news Tuesday: Kyrie Irving and his girlfriend, Golden, are engaged. TMZ based its scoop on pretty solid evidence. They videotaped the couple. hand-in-hand, on the streets of New York, with Golden wearing “a massive diamond on her ring finger” ... one the gossip site noted was “bigger than her knuckle.” It followed a report last week that the Nets guard had popped the question.

Well, first, congratulations to Kyrie and his future wife, a model and social media influencer specializing in health, fitness, beauty, outfits and hair. May your marriage be long and happy!

But, fans, know this: things have changed for the Nets. The presence of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in New York City is going to be a magnet for every paparazzi with a camera and a website from Page Six to Sports Gossip to TMZ. Nothing is excluded ... and the celebrity will likely extend to the rest of the team.

Check out the scene where TMZ ambushes the couple and “congratulates” them, only to be interrupted by someone who appears to be security, shooing them away. And it’s just the culmination of a series of stories about the two and their former ex’s.

The Nets have superstars now, household names and the appetite for news on them is huge. (Sorry Knick fans.)

Other than an occasional celebrity sighting by D’Angelo Russell, the Nets last year weren’t much gossip grist. Now, expect it on a regular basis. That’s what they call them superSTARS.