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Nets trolling Knicks with Kyrie Irving jersey giveaway at Barclays? How could you think that?

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On Saturday, the Nets subtly dropped a bomb of their own in a Tweet...

The Nets had laid out the schedule of game promotions in a press release and a Tweet on Thursday. But no one picked up the irony that the Nets would be giving out KYRIE IRVING jerseys at a KNICKS game when every Knick fan believed he’d be playing at MSG.

You remember....

So, more than one pundit intimated that yes, indeed, the Nets (under new ownership and management no less!) were trolling their cross-river rivals. World-class trolling, one might say.

Knick fans didn’t miss the irony...

Weak. Very, very weak.

Meanwhile, Irving showed up a Brooklyn Bridge Park (hardly random) to have some fun with local kids.

... And was the official greeter for tennis phenom Coco Gauff at HSS Training Center.

Irving, of course, needs no introduction to the rivalry. He grew up in New Jersey watching the Nets dominate the Knicks during the early 2000’s.