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Kevin Durant in Twitter battles with Thunder fans over his comments re OKC

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One sure sign Kevin Durant is feeling better: he’s back to engaging with fans on social media. Following his two recent interviews with Chris Haynes and Chris Henderson, KD has seemed more relaxed on Twitter and Instagram.

And after his “tell-all” YouTube interview Henderson, and his interview with the Wall Street Journal where he slammed the Thunder and its front office, he’s been the target of a lot of OKC hate. and as per his history, he has responded in kind.

Here’s a couple of samples since the WSJ interview...

His departure caused all manner of fan angst that hasn’t really been replicated elsewhere. Fans came to his house, vandalized property in his neighborhood, burned his jersey and even made videos depicting replicas of his jersey being showered with a hail of bullets!

In general, Durant’s relationship with fans has often been controversial, as it often gets personal. He said in the Wall Street Journal that he prefers Instagram over Twitter.

“Just encouraging [young followers], letting them know they’re nice, and keep going. That s–t does a lot for me,” Durant said in the WSJ piece. “That’s why I like the Gram. A lot of young grass-roots basketball players, I build relationships through Instagram, so when we see each other it’s love.”

Durant has 17.8 million followers on Twitter and 11.4 million on Instagram.