6 Reasons Carmelo Anthony Belongs on the Nets

This topic has been beaten to death on sports talk, basketball articles, and in fan forums & comments yet... I’m going to tackle it anyways, lol.

Carmelo Anthony belongs on the Nets.

And here’s 6 reasons why (in no particular order).

#6. Carmelo Anthony Can Still Play

He’s not an all-star anymore. But he has no injuries, and he can still ball. His stints in OKC and HOU were not great, but people forget that in about half of his games with Houston, he was scoring 17-28 points at over 50 FG% while making most of his 3-pointers.

Dude could still light it up half the time.

#5. They Aren’t Competing This Year

With KD going to be out most of the season (if he even makes it back fully healthy at all), the Nets aren’t expected to compete this season. Melo isn’t messing up any championship aspirations.

#4. They Need a KD Placeholder

Melo isn’t KD.

But the Nets need a "placeholder" at small forward. Stephen A Smith made this argument on ESPN. The Celtics were a huge disappointment last season after almost making the Finals in 2018. The reason being? Kyrie returned, but the young guys weren’t used to a star and high usage player getting the ball so much.

The Nets need a system with a young squad coexisting with two high-usage superstars KD and Kyrie. They could develop that system this season with Melo and Kyrie and smoothly transition Melo’s role to KD the season after.

#3. The Fans Will Love It

New York still loves Carmelo:

- When he returned to Madison Square Garden with the Thunder, he got mostly cheers.
- While attending a Knicks vs Heat game last season, he received a standing ovation.
- While attending Dwyane Wade’s last game against Brooklyn, the crowd erupted when he pretended to shoot a 3pt.

The fans want to see Melo play again.

#2. It’s Going to Earn the Nets Money & Fans

Those Brooklyn Nets "Anthony" jerseys are going to be printing money. Home or away, every Nets game is going to be sold out with fans wanting to see Melo play for one last time. And the TV ratings are going to be up as Carmelo has his final matchups against LeBron, Chris Paul, and some of his former teams.

#1. Anthony Deserves a Hometown Farewell Tour

You could criticize his playing style or his career decisions, but you could never criticize his effort on the court. His whole career, Anthony has always poured his heart into the game.

And for all the memories he’s given us on the Nuggets, the Knicks, in All-Star games, and for Team USA, he deserves this farewell tour.

And as fans, so do we.