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Nets bring back ‘tele-coach’ Stefan Weissenboeck

Stefan Weissenboeck has a history of helping professional teams engineer organizational turnarounds through player development. (Courtesy of Brose Bamberg)
Brose Bamberg

The Nets’ German “tele-coach” is coming back.

After an eventful summer which saw a number of changes in the Nets roster, the team has once again secured the services of Stefan Weissenboeck, who’s not only an assistant coach for Brose Bamberg in the German league but the Nets long-distance shooting coach.

That’s “long distance” both in terms of players’ range ... and miles away from Brooklyn.

As previously reported in, the arrangement has become quite unique. It’s allowed the Austrian-born shooting coach to work with Nets players up close and afar, supplementing occasional visits to Brooklyn with video clips filled with customized pointers for individual players. He’s even flown in to do targeted workouts with developing Nets players, including Jarrett Allen, Caris LeVert, Rodions Kurucs, and Dzanan Musa. In the case of LeVert, Weissenboeck worked with him on skills while he was in the midst of his rehab from foot dislocation.

Here’s how the long distance aspect works: Nets development coaches supply Weissenboeck with the latest game videos, which Weissenboeck reviews. He’ll then puts together a video offering tips on form and skill development and sends it back to Brooklyn

Nets players think he’s helped.

“He focuses on balance, even on how you grab the basketball, to how long my nails are. He’s detail-oriented. That’s why I like working with him. He’s a great instructor and teacher,” said LeVert last season.

“I think I have improved the form of my shot. He has helped me become confident in how I shoot,” Allen added.

Weissenboeck is happy with the relationship as well.

“I am happy to go into a second season with the Nets,” Weissenboeck told NetsDaily. ”I’m happy about the trust they put in me, and I love the job.”

This off-season alone, say league sources, Weissenboeck traveled to Las Vegas to work with the Nets players and to Madrid where Kurucs and at least two of the Nets stashes joined him for some practice sessions. He also managed to squeeze in some workouts with the Nets veterans in Vegas.

Earlier this summer we reported that the Washington Wizards expressed interest in signing Weissenboeck, partly due to his long-standing working relationship with Tomas Satoransky. After the Wizards signed-and-traded Satoransky to the Chicago Bulls one could have imagined a scenario in which the Bulls might try to bring on Weissenboeck, however the Nets who have already lost assistant coach Chris Fleming to the Bulls wanted Weissenboeck back and he agreed.

The details of the new contract remain confidential.