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It’s #AskSpencer! Nets’ Dinwiddie takes an hour’s worth of questions from Nets fans

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Washington Wizards v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Spencer Dinwiddie knows Twitter.

That was obvious on a lazy Friday afternoon in late August when the Nets point guard launched an #AskSpencer hashtag and invited everyone to pose —and post— their questions.

Here you will learn his answers on everything from his K8IROS sneaker line to who’s the best NBA 2K on the team (Nic Claxton) to whether he “smoked” D’Angelo Russell (he didn’t) to whether he thinks Kyrie Irving is a legit MVP candidate (he does) to Kenny Atkinson’s reaction when he takes a step-back three right in front of the bench (big smile) to whether Joe Tsai might get the Nets to sign Jeremy Lin (he doesn’t know but says Lin’s “his guy.”) He also slipped at one point and talked about “when KD comes back.”

There’s a LOT there to unravel. Enjoy.