Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Pilgrimage to Barclays!

With my American Express card, I was able to buy a ticket for the November 29th noon game versus the Celtics. I am so excited to be able to once again trek from Florida to a game in "MY" dearest Brooklyn. I think our team is going to be pretty good this season. I've been a fan since before JKIDD came and put us on the map. Our team played really hard last season, and we overachieved. This season, we will not be sneaking up on anybody. The news is out, we bring it every night, so if you want to stay on the court with us, you better bring it as well. We should be starting like our tenth year in Brooklyn, if it were not for that piece Goldstein delaying the construction until he "got his!" AND looking back, the RAT did exactly what we were hoping for. He brought the team to Brooklyn, and built a world class arena. The Rat revived an entire section of downtown Brooklyn. Twice a year growing up, my mother would take my sister and me from Sheepshead Bay on the subway to see our dentist, whose office was in One Hanson Place. (the clock tower building) I know what Nostrand and Flatbush looked like in the 1960's and 1970's, and it wasn't pretty. AND in the 80's it only got worse. But now the neighborhood is smoking hot. New businesses, new jobs, a new lease on life for an old neighborhood reborn.

So...once again, I am grateful to be able to come to Brooklyn to see my team, in a great arena!

See you at the game!