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NBA 2K20 drops a Nets-dominant first trailer

Rejoice, gamers! We’re just a few weeks from the demo release of NBA 2K20!

While the full game won’t be released until September 9, dubbed #2KDay, the demo is scheduled for August 21. The trailer, though, is out. And as you’d expect, it has a heavy Brooklyn Nets influence…

Complete player and team ratings have yet to be announced, however, many of the league’s stars’ ratings have been revealed. For the Nets, of course, that means Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Durant and Irving are rated as 96 and 91 overall, respectively, and stand as the third highest rated duo in the game – just behind the Lakers’ tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis and the Clippers pair of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Durant has the fourth highest individual player rating in the game, behind James (97), Leonard (97), and the reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo (96). Irving’s 91 overall rating places him 11th in the NBA and 3rd among point guards; Curry (95) and Lillard (92).

Other Nets player ratings have yet to be announced, NBA2K released their top five rated three-point shooters and the 2019 Mountain Dew Three-Point Contest Champion, Joe Harris, has the third highest rating in the game. Harris sports a 94 overall three-point rating, just behind the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry (99) and Klay Thompson (97).

Although we’re still waiting on the full ratings, today, NBA2K released their first gameplay footage of the new game and it wasn’t just Durant and Irving...

There are also quick snippets of DeAndre Jordan, Wilson Chandler, Barclays Center, and former Net, D’Angelo Russell.

We’ll update things as further ratings are released.

It’s officially August, otherwise known as the quietest month in the NBA. With seven weeks until Media Day, we need our Nets fix! The season can’t come soon enough.