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Details on Nets new contracts emerging

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Day 3 - China v Sacramento Kings Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Now that the Nets have signed or traded for all but one of their roster spots, contract details are dribbling out. Here, from a variety of sources ... including Basketball Insiders and Early Bird Rights, are some of them...

—Both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have fourth year player options and at least KD has a 15 percent trade kicker. (Early Bird Rights) Durant will make $38.2 million this year; Irving $31.74 million (Basketball Insiders).

Kevin Durant’s max deal on the sign-and-trade to Brooklyn contains $4.3 million in likely bonuses. No word yet on how those bonuses can be earned. If they’re individual statistical bonuses, then he won’t earn them this year with the injury. (Early Bird Rights)

DeAndre Jordan’s salary starts at $9.81 million, goes up five percent to $10.4 million, dips back down to $9.81 million, then dips slightly to $9.82 million, getting him the rest of his $40 million over four years. (Basketball Insiders and Early Bird Rights.)

Spencer Dinwiddie is the Nets third highest paid Net this season at $10.61 million. (Basketball Insiders). That’s likely to change next season when Caris LeVert gets his extension.

Wilson Chandler signed a one-year vets minimum deal; Garrett Temple a two-year room exception, starting at $4.76 million with a team option in the second; Theo Pinson a two-year minimum deal with a team option in the second; and Nic Claxton a guaranteed three-year contract starting at $898,310 (Early Bird Rights),

—The Nets are $15.25 million over the salary cap and $9.1 million under the luxury tax level. (Early Bird Rights.)

—DeMarre’s Carroll third year with San Antonio, the one the Nets helped facilitate, is $1.35 million guaranteed. That deal will go $7 million in year 1; $6.65 million in year 2, and the partially guaranteed $7 million in the third year. (Early Bird Rights) The Nets received rights to two European players as compensation for facilitating the deal.

Beyond salary details, the protections on the Golden State first rounder sent the Nets are now public. They are between light and moderate. If the Warriors finish with a top 10 record, the Nets get the pick. If not, the pick rolls over and becomes a second rounder in the 2025 NBA Draft.