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Nets Draft Outlook: 2020 could be big for Nets ... if things break their way

2019 NBA Draft Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

With the completion of Sunday’s double sign-and-trade between the Nets and Warriors, we figured we’d update the Nets draft outlook, looking seven years down the line to see how Brooklyn is doing. Key point right off the top is that the Nets could have a slew of picks in next year’s draft ... provided certain teams cooperate. Under the best circumstances, the Nets could have two firsts and three seconds, none of them their own.

Bottom line, the Clippers will have to avoid the lottery, the Warriors will have to finish with a top 10 record during regular season, the Blazers will have to have a top 5 record and the Pacers will have to fall into the lottery. Doable? Maybe (other than the Pacers falling out of the playoffs).

Here’s the year-to-year listing...

2020 - First round:

— 76ers first round (lottery protected) from Draft Night 2019 trade with Clippers

— Warriors first round (Top-20 protected) from double S&T involving Kevin Durant and

D’Angelo Russell.

Second round:

Trail Blazers heavily protected (31-55) from Jeremy Lin salary dump;

Nuggets unprotected from Kenneth Faried salary dump;

Pacers protected 45-60 from Thaddeus Young for Caris LeVert trade (Pick

conveys only if Pacers fail to make playoffs. Pick becomes two seconds in 2023

if not conveyed before then)


2021 - First round: their own pick

Second round:

Raptors unprotected pick from Greg Monroe salary dump;

Suns lightly protected pick (31-35) from Darrell Arthur salary dump;

Hawks unprotected pick from Allen Crabbe for Taurean Prince trade


2022 - First round: their own pick

Second round: their own pick.


2023 - First round: their own pick

Second round: pick may be swapped with Hawks as part of Lin salary dump.


2024 - First round: their own pick

Second round: their own pick


2025 - First round: their own pick

Second round: NO pick currently. It was traded in Jeremy Lin salary dump, but if the Nets

don’t get a first in 2020 from the Warriors, that pick becomes a second rounder in 2025.


2026 - First round: their own pick

Second round: their own pick.


Picks beyond 2026 cannot be traded.

In addition, the Nets now have five draft stashes, having acquired two former second rounders in a trade that also helped DeMarre Carroll get a third year in that sign-and-trade. The Nets now have the draft rights to Juan Pablo Vaulet, a 6’7” small forward from Argentina; Aleksandar Vezenko, a 6’9” stretch 4 from Bulgaria; Isaia Cordinier, a 6’5” combo guard from France and the two players from the Carroll deal: Aaron White, a 6’9” stretch-4 who played college ball at Iowa and played professionally this season in Germany, and Nemanja Dungubic, a 6’8” swingman from Serbia.