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PARTY ON! Nets celebrated with new teammates at HSS Training Center Sunday

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It was quite the evening Sunday as the Nets gathered at HSS Training Center to welcome their new teammates, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. And yes, everyone was there.

“It all came together pretty quickly,” Joe Harris told Dan Patrick Tuesday. “Everybody actually was in New York. As soon as they signed, at six o’clock, we had a little get together at the facility, met everybody. It all came together pretty abruptly.

And because it’s the Nets, owned by a couple of billionaires, no expense was spared. Carbone, an A-list Italian eatery in the Village, catered the event. (yeah, they knew.) “Very nice,” said Harris.

Harris said he introduced himself to KD —”pretty standard introduction.” He and Irving had played together in Cleveland for a year and a half. DeAndre Jordan was also on hand.

“Everybody was obviously excited, we had our entire coaching staff, front office, ownership,” Harris added. “it’s a monumental moment for the organization. Most of our guys were back, too, those who’ll be around next year. Lot of excitement. Pretty surreal.”

As Michael Scotto reported Monday, the moment was not lost on some hearty fans. After everyone’s iPhones started exploding, roughly 10 Nets fans showed up outside the facility hoping to meet Irving or Durant in person. It didn’t happen, but that didn’t temper anyone’s excitement.

“I’m speechless,” Doug Bearak, a member of The Block, told Scotto. “The Nets have a chance to take the city by storm. They’ve created a window that won’t be shut anytime soon.”

“We thought the Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett deal brought us to the big leagues?” Stefano De Santis said. “No. Sean Marks did today.”

Then, after a toast, it was over and Marks got back on the phone to arrange the double sign-and-trade with the Warriors.

For a number of players, the party simply became a moveable feast. Page Six reported that on Sunday night, “Irving was spotted partying at 1Oak in Chelsea with teammates including Caris LeVert.”

Party on, Kyrie, party on, Kevin.