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Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Nets have gained a veteran forward in Wilson Chandler after losing Jared Dudley to the Lakers.

Chandler who at 6’9” can play both forward positions reached an agreement with the Nets Tuesday. He spent last season with the Clippers and 76ers. He will be paid the vets minimum which for a player of his experience is $2.6 million. Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports broke the story at 9 p.m. Tuesday.

Michael Scotto also reported the agreement.

The news follows Jared Dudley’s decision to join the Lakers, also for the $2.6 million exception. Adrian Wojnarowski had that first.

For the 32-year-old Chandler, the Nets will be his fifth team, following stints with the Knicks, Nuggets (twice), 76ers and Clippers. Chandler started the season with the 76ers With Philly, he played 36 games, starting 32. He averaged 6.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.0 assists in 26 minutes while shooting 39 percent from deep. After being included in the Tobias Harris trade at the deadline, Chandler played fewer minutes with Clippers, averaging 4.3/ 3.1/0.7 in 15 minutes.

A reliable defender, Chandler will likely fill Dudley’s role next season, at least on the court. His biggest issue throughout his NBA career has been injuries, particularly a devastating hip tear in November 2015.

Dudley, a fan favorite and a locker room anchor, led the Nets bench mob on and off the court. He averaged 4.9 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.4 rebounds in 20.7 minutes over 59 games, 25 of them starts.

The wily veteran’s high points may have come at opposite ends of the season, both off the court.

With the Nets 8-18 and in an eight-game losing streak, Dudley organized a players-only film session to clear the air. The Nets proceeded to go on a seven-game winning streak and a 20-6 run that brought them into playoff contention. Then, in Game 4 of the first round of the playoffs, Joel Embiid dished out a hard foul to Jarrett Allen near the rim. Dudley came over and shoved Embiid under the basket. Jimmy Butler retaliated with a shove of his own on Dudley. Seconds later, Ben Simmons and Dudley then got into it and the two players ended up in the stands.

In a podcast with Woj, Dudley admitted that he wants to help the Lakers recruit fellow San Diegan Kawhi Leonard and win a championship in L.A. Dudley also told Woj that he wants to play an “enforcer” role with the Lakers. He spoke as well about how the addition of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will change things for the Nets and Barclays Center.

“With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, that place is going to be on fire. You know it’s going to be sold out. the media is going to be over there. And I could really see it changing for them. It’s a different arena for one ...

“You know Knicks get a lot of love. That is one of the best arenas, Madison Square Garden but I’m telling you even without Kevin Durant, watch the vibe there. Then when Kevin Durant comes, within two or three years, no one is going to saying, ‘who the Knicks getting in 2021?’ No one’s going to care! Hey can Kevin Durant lead them to a championship? THAT’s going to be the headline.”

Dudley said, in the end, it was between the Lakers and Nets, but after a couple days in free agency, Nets didn’t show urgency towards him, perhaps because they knew they were getting Chandler.

Still, he added, “I’m nothing but happy for the Brooklyn Nets.”

The Nets have now signed eight players and lost eight players in the off-season. In addition to the big agreements with All-NBA players Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets have also traded for Taurean Prince, drafted Nicolas Claxton and Jaylen Hands and signed DeAndre Jordan, Garrett Temple and Chandler.