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Kyrie Irving: ‘Home is where the heart is’


In a video posted on his Instagram account Monday, Kyrie Irving says coming home played a big role in his signing with the Nets. “Home is where the heart is,” he says, over video of him walking the Brooklyn Bridge, dribbling a ball both alone and with his family. And of course, being Brooklyn, it features Jay-Z music.


“This is a dream that I want to fulfill.”

“Home is where my heart is.”

“Home is where I want my legacy to continue.”

“And....I’m happy to be in BROOKLYN.”

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Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia, where his father played in the NBL, moving at age 2 to West Orange, NJ, just down Valley Road from South Orange, where he recently bought a home.

At the same time, RocNation, his agent and manager, posted as clear a message that Irving will soon sign with the Nets, tweeting...

The designer said he knew last week about the proposed signing but was sworn to secrecy.

No. 11? Wai a minute! That of course was the number worn by Brook Lopez. No word if that’s official (and it doesn’t have to be until he can officially sign a new contract on Saturday). Irving has said he wears 11 to honor his father, Drederick. It was his number as well.

Meanwhile, Kevin Durant posed with his new sneaker. Is that a Coogi design?!?

That is the Empire State Building, of course, meaning KD is standing about two blocks from the building formerly known as The Mecca.