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Woj: Nets in a ‘tremendous position’ with Kyrie Irving; commitment could come ‘fairly quickly’

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Closer still!

In an appearance on ESPN Saturday morning, Adrian Wojnarowski said Kyrie Irving’s “focus” is on the Nets who he described as being “in a tremendous position” with the free agent.

Twitter user @PScar80 shared the video with us first.

Woj added that a commitment from Irving could come “fairly quickly” in free agency which opens Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

Woj also said Brooklyn’s summer strategy has always been pairing Irving with Kevin Durant. The Nets, he said, have never seen Irving as a “solo act.”

The ESPN reporter also confirmed that if the Nets get Irving they’re likely to make D’Angelo Russell an unrestricted free agent.

Shams Charania used virtually the same language in describing Irving’s situation, adding that the Nets are also pursuing DeAndre Jordan.

Meanwhile, All-Star Kyrie Irving is fully focused on a potential deal with the Brooklyn Nets, league sources have told The Athletic.

League sources say the Nets’ goals center upon forming a trio of Irving, Durant and free-agent center DeAndre Jordan. That is part of the intrigue in Brooklyn, the ability to take one commitment from Irving and turn it into the capability to sign all three. A trio of that magnitude should compete for multiple NBA championships in the Eastern Conference.

Shams also discussed what the Nets back-up plan could be if Durant goes elsewhere.

Should Durant return to Golden State — which remains a strong option for the two-time Finals MVP with the five-year, $221 million super maximum — the Nets could look toward players such as Tobias Harris and Julius Randle to pair with Irving. Should Durant choose the Knicks or the Clippers, perhaps a second star such as Irving or Leonard joins too.