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Woj: Nets among four teams to discuss free agency with Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Nets, along with the Knicks, Warriors and Clippers, will get meetings with Kevin Durant starting Sunday, Adrian Wojnarowski reports...

Of the four, only the Clippers are a mild surprise. The Warriors can offer KD a maximum of $221 million over five years while the tab for the other three would be $164 million over four years. Woj reported...

There is expected to be some combination of face-to-face meetings and communications by other means with Durant and his business manager, Rich Kleiman, front-office sources told ESPN.

Durant’s decision-making process could extend well into next week, league sources told ESPN.

Although pundits have suggested the Nets and Warriors are front runners, the broad range of suitors would indicate the race for Durant’s talents seems more wide open.

KD is expected to need the 2019-20 season to fully rehabilitate the injury he suffered during Game 5. Every team pursuing him is expected to still offer him a full max contract in the meetings.