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First rumors: Nets trying to move into high 20’s

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High School Basketball: McDonalds High School All American Games Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated tweets that the Nets as well as other teams are trying to move into the high 20’s.

The Nets of course currently have the 27th and 31st pick and Fischer’s news would suggest that they and others have a specific player they want ... one they don’t think they’ll be able to get even a few picks later.

The Celtics currently control the 20th and 22nd picks, with the Thunder owning the 21st and the Grizzlies the 23rd. Of the other teams mentioned by Fischer, Golden State has the 28th, 41st and 58th, the Kings 40th, 47th and 60th, the Mavs the 37th and San Antonio the 19th, 29th and 49th.

Who might the Nets want? Two players in that range have been increasingly linked to Brooklyn, Darius Bazley, the 6’10” wing who sat out last year after a stellar high school career, and Kevin Porter Jr, the 6’6” USC point guard whose stock has been all over the lot in the last few weeks.

Sean Marks has moved up before, most notably grabbing the 20th pick in 2016 Draft so he could take Caris LeVert. Marks was aware —from his previous employment in San Antonio— that the Spurs could be interested at No. 29.