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NBA Draft 2019 Live Thread: Brooklyn Nets Picks, Trade Rumors and All Things Kyrie

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2019 NBA Draft - Media Availability Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Finally, the 2019 NBA Draft is here. And while the Brooklyn Nets already made some noise by trading away the 17th pick to Atlanta, they maintain the 27th and 31st picks in the draft.

Of course, anything can happen - the Nets have cleared the way to make major splashes this summer, whether it’s making a major free agent acquisition (Kyrie Irving?!) or two (Kevin Durant!?), might they trade away draft picks and pieces to clear more space to make the latter work?

Hey, anything can happen!

So join in the conversation below. We have Net Income and Pooch with the live coverage - Pooch will be at Barclays Center - and Billy Reinhardt will be at HSS.

We’ll update in realtime.

Let’s. Go.