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Would Nets abandon pursuit of Kyrie Irving without getting a second star?!

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

What you talkin’ about, Woj?!?

In an appearance on ESPN’s GetUp Wednesday morning, Adrian Wojnarowski suggested that the Nets might be hesitant to commit to Kyrie Irving if they can’t pair him with a second star ... and instead turn to D’Angelo Russell for their point guard needs.

“What Brooklyn would like to have is not just Kyrie Irving, but a second star come in with him,” said Woj. “And obviously, Kevin Durant is that player.”

At that point, Woj threw a bomb into Nets free agency discussions.

“If they don’t get a second star, it will be interesting to see if Brooklyn wants to have Kyrie Irving as a solo act. That didn’t go so great in Boston last year. So we’ll see if Brooklyn is still following through on just Kyrie Irving because if they don’t take Kyrie Irving, they can just bring back D’Angelo Russell at a lower number. Younger player.

“But their focus with the Nets is get two stars. Kyrie Irving ... to try to get Kyrie Irving to recruit KD for him to come together.”

Is Woj speculating? Doubtful. When a couple of years ago, we asked a Nets insider about a Woj story that seemed to be speculative. The insider smiled and replied, “Woj is not speculating. Woj is working.”

What could it mean? Take your pick of theories. The Nets want Irving to push harder on KD? Things have a hit a snag? There’s disagreement among Nets decision-makers on which way to go?

Time, you know, will tell.

(H/T to Paul Scarnati who recorded the segment and posted it on Twitter at @PScar80.)