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D’Angelo Russell IS the NBA’s best ... dressed

It’s not the Most Improved Player. That won’t be revealed for another two weeks, but GQ on Monday named D’Angelo Russell the best dressed player in the NBA, beating out LeBron James. Congrats, DLo!

Here’s the announcement...

GQ’s second annual NBA Style Showdown is in the books, and it wasn’t without its surprises. Swan-songing Dwyane Wade, a pioneer of the league’s most stylish era, made it all the way to the semifinals. Russell Westbrook and James Harden were both knocked out in the second round. And new blood was ascendant. Kelly Oubre Jr. made a surging run through the bracket, only to fall—along with no less than LeBron James—to our newly-crowned winner, D’Angelo Russell. The Brooklyn Net outfought the King in the final vote, earning himself his own crown in the process.

GQ provided ten images of Russell is street clothes, including these looks...

As GQ noted, “As crispy as crispy gets.”