An Open Letter from an old ABA New York Nets Fan to All and Net Income

I'm using this fan post to vent a long held frustration that I've had with the Brooklyn Nets and it's management team. I first started rooting for the Nets in 1971, back in the days of Rick Barry and ABA New York Nets. I've often held the opinion that since the rebranding of the Nets to it's current Brooklyn status, the Nets and those that run and market the team have done little to nothing in terms of honoring the ABA Nets of the 70's and it's past. Yes I know the Nets sometimes wear Jerseys that emulate those Nets but they aren't the same and you can accuse me of living in the past or not letting go but there once was a fan base on Long Island back in those days and I truly believe we've been forgotten. This was a memorable past, a part of basketball history and we do ride the Long Island Railroad and root for this current crop of Nets. I was a season ticket holder the first year the Brooklyn Nets came to Brooklyn and was completely overjoyed that they made the move to Brooklyn paving the way for the economic rejuvenation of Downtown Brooklyn, but what about us, those that rooted for the team on Long Island, those that celebrated 2 ABA Championships at the Nassau Coliseum, looking forward to our first year in the NBA with Dr.J and Tiny A. here on Long Island only to have suffered through the selling of Dr. J to Philadelphia and move to New Jersey. What about us ??? Aren't we or weren't we a part of history too and shouldn't we be celebrated or remembered too because I don't think we are a part of this franchise not under a different brand and color at the very least. Please opine and you too Nets Income. I want to hear from all of you but especially from Nets Income. Here is my open letter. Enjoy !!!

Oh...Those Were the Days My Friends...We Thought They'd Never End.

How history is the true barometer to all. Gone are the days of the ABA New York Nets and the memories too. The 1976-77 NBA Basketball season would be the last season on Long Island for the Nets as they moved to Rutgers University awaiting construction of a new arena in the Meadowlands. Eventually Roy Boe would sell both the Nets and the Islanders and things to this day have never been the same for Nets fans on Long Island. The selling of Julius Erving and the move from Long Island to Jersey for the Nets broke my heart. I was in High School at the time and was a passionate Nets fan (A Net Nut !!!!). Though I root today for the Brooklyn Nets and was a season ticket holder at Barclays Center for the first season in Brooklyn, sometimes it just doesn't feel right. Though we have a G league team playing at the Nassau Coliseum today under the same name, it's not the same. The current Nets have made little to no attempt to honor the ABA Nets (Wouldn't it have been nice to see the Brooklyn Nets every now and then wear retro jerseys designed exactly like the ABA Nets of years past wearing the red, white and blue colors emulating the same colors of the ABA and it's famed basketball and why can't we have a statue of Dr. J either in front of the Coliseum or Barclays ???). What an athlete like Joe Namath was to Jets fans, Dr.J was to Nets fans. Gone are the days of the Commack Arena and the Island Garden. In 1972 we all thought the Nassau Coliseum was a palace and now it's just a distant past for Nets fans. Remember when the Nets were the anchor tenant at the Coliseum not the Islanders ??? Why can't the NBA or this current franchise that resides in Brooklyn under a different brand honor what was a glorious past ??? When will the fans ever be recognized on Long Island for who we truly are....The foundation of this franchise and the heart and soul of an introductory fan base...The New York Nets !!!!