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Isaia Cordinier: Hoping for a two-way

While Isaia Cordinier, the French guard, awaits official word on an invitation to join the Nets summer league, tells Brooklyn Nets France that his ultimate goal is a two-way contract with Brooklyn.

“Yes why not. In any case I work for one day to have my chance,” the 6’5” shooting guard told Flavien Portat of the French fan site. As a second round pick, the Nets can also sign Cordinier directly to what is known in the G League as a “Draft Rights Player.” Under that arrangement, NBA teams retain their rights to a prospect who plays his games in the G League.

Cordinier, whose rights were acquired last July 12 in the Jeremy Lin trade, said he’s hoping for an invitation. Previous reports had him saying he expects to play for the Nets in Las Vegas. The Nets have in the past offered Summer League slots to their stashes.

The 22-year-old returned to the French league this season after missing the 2017-18 season after undergoing surgery to both knees to treat tendinitis, a condition that became increasingly painful.

He told Brooklyn Nets France that after missing that much time it took him a while to get started.

“Once came back to the club, I took the time. I rushed nothing. Little by little, the sensations returned. I would say that I started to feel in full possession of my skills just a little bit after mid-season.”

In the first nine games after mid-season, Cordinier averaged 16.8 points, including games of 27 and 28, while hitting hittin 44.4 percent of his three’s.

Cordinier told Brooklyn Nets France that since the trade, his back-and-forth with the Nets have been good. He has said previously that after the trade, he came to Brooklyn for a couple of days and the Nets performance team provided him with a training regimen. He also said the team has scouted him and that he feels that Nets are “invested” in him.

As reported in the French press, Cordinier said he has many options in the French league, with one report saying up to six clubs have expressed interest in him now that he’s healthy.

Brooklyn Nets France is hooking up with Jared Dudley Monday in Paris. Watch for a report later today.