The Most Important Off Season in Nets History

I take it that the title of this post is a gross understatement. It all starts this Tuesday in Chicago, the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery with the possibility that the New York Knicks are gonna win the 1st pick....Is the Nightmare scenario starting to kick in for Nets fans ??? Then comes free agency...lots of great players on the block to grab. The Nets have the potential to sign to 2 max players, but guess do the Knicks. If you're a Nets fan, can you feel your heart skipping a beat ??? Is the doom starting to gloom ???!!! Don't worry, as a fellow Nets fan, I'm starting to feel that headache sinking in as I reach for my Tylenol. Extra strength no less but let's get back to business. If I'm Nets ownership, if I'm the future Majority owner Joe Tsai, if I'm Sean Marks, I start putting on my salesmanship hat and it's going to be a hard sell. Remember something...What the Brooklyn Nets did in recovering from the Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett/ lets give up every meaningful draft pick until the time that the Starship Enterprise sets sail in the 23rd Century fiasco is nothing short of you and I purchasing the winning Powerball ticket at your local 7 Eleven. In other words the phrase miraculous pops up. The reality is this...The New York Knickerbockers want to brew up an instant championship team with their 2 max contracts and a Vegas Bookmaker already has them at 16 to 1 to win the NBA Championship in 2020. The media driven in New York...I love the Knicks and who are the Brooklyn Nets and Spike Lee is from Fort Greene but prances around in his Knicks pajamas down Flatbush Avenue waiting for Kevin Durrant and Kyrie Irving to have a glass of wine with and did I mention Stephen A. (I wear Knicks Pajamas too and boy do I wish I can wear them on First Take) Smith who states that there is a 95% chance that both of these players are coming to New York while he posts on his Twitter handle pictures of the two free agents in Knicks Jerseys...Is your blood starting to boil now ???!!! Is this nightmare scenario starting to kick in ?? Is the curse of Dr. J...Julius Erving a real curse ??? All kidding aside....The Nets hierarchy better think quick...No more Plan B's !!!!! Nets management must understand that today's free agents don't necessarily come to a team to win championships. Players come for the brand to improve their brand...note Lebron James. As much as Brooklyn is hip today and the Barclays Center is a great place to watch a basketball game (hockey sucks there but I'm bringing out my inner Islanders fan !!)....There is no place like Madison Square Garden and the bright lights and Madison Avenue persona of NYC. It's painful to say but that is the truth.....So this is it folks....It's time for Nets Ownership and Management to man up !!!! No more plan B' more 2nd's about Championship Rings, it's about the backpage...Enough already...This team has built for the future, now build for the Ultimate Prize....An NBA Championship or 2 or 3 etc...etc...A victory parade down Flatbush Avenue to Borough Hall in Brooklyn !!!! Is that too much to ask ??? What will transpire over the next couple of months could be the most important time for this franchise that will effect this franchise over the next 5, maybe 10 years and that's no dope. Get Busy Nets !!!!