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Could Nets pair Kyrie Irving with D’Angelo Russell? Would he be interested in them?

A backcourt of two ball-dominant guards, both All-Stars, both with the handles and deep shooting capabilities —one 23, the other 27 and at the peak of their games? Is that possible?

Seems like an odd pairing, D’Angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving. But both Stefan Bondy of the Daily News and Brian Lewis of the Post report Sunday that there is, indeed, interest. Irving is an unrestricted free agent and along with Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, the big prizes of the off-season.

And after Saturday night’s game, Russell and Irving, who had the night off, gathered at mid-court for some hugs and private conversation. DLo posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram.

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This isn’t the first time the six-time All-Star has been linked to Brooklyn.

Last month, during an NBA TV discussion of Kyrie Irving’s next destination, everyone but David Griffin, the former Cavaliers GM, thought Irving was headed to New York, as in the Knicks. Not so fast, argued Griffin.

“I think Brooklyn is the fit that’s better for him in terms of his mindset,” Griffin said of Irving.

When asked why, Griffin replied it’s about the Nets’ culture.

“I think he likes what they’ve done there, culturally. I think that’s why Boston spoke to him as well,” he said.

How much does Griffin know? He was the GM when Irving played in Cleveland and reportedly was close to him. And he’s a pretty conservative commentator.

Could this work? With one ball? The two are enormously talented and Irving was a reputation for winning the big game. He has an NBA championship, an Olympic gold medal and a FIBA World Championship medal. Of course, he has also been criticized this season and to a certain extent blamed for the Celtics disappointing season. Is that likely to stop the Nets from pursuing him? In a word, No.