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D’Angelo Russell will give Kevin Durant a tour of Brooklyn as part of a segment in KD’s show

Oklahoma City Thunder v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Hello Brooklyn! Kevin Durant is coming to Brooklyn... to tour the city.

In an intriguing development in “Fly By,” Durant’s new three-part series (and maybe his free agency?), KD will get a virtual tour of three cities from three different players, starting with Quin Cook in San Francisco and ending with D’Angelo Russell... in Brooklyn.

Doug Zanger of ADWeek writes...

In the first episode, Durant and fellow Golden State Warriors teammate Quinn Cook explore their home city of San Francisco, visiting Mister Jiu’s restaurant and the legendary Hyde Street Studios in the Tenderloin... The Fly By series will continue with episodes focused on Los Angeles with Lakers star Kyle Kuzma and Brooklyn featuring Nets guard D’Angelo Russell.

Well, O.K.!

With the league getting stricter on tampering rules, this comes as a bit of surprise. However, Durant is looking to expand his horizons beyond his “Thirty Five Ventures” company which offers a mix of his investments, media and his foundations.

More from Zanger on the mini series...

While this is only partially a travelogue, what’s most interesting in the beautifully shot and edited film is that we are treated to Durant’s philosophies, appreciation and empathy of not only the people he encounters but the city in general.

It sounds great and all for KD, but this is some really interesting news for Brooklyn and its fans, thier hopes and dreams. Of course, there will be no tampering (wink, wink), but the fact that KD will be IN Brooklyn WITH the face of their franchise (and not Manhattan) ... it says all you need to know.

The Nets should have enough space for a max free agent and maybe a little left over depending on who they bring back, if anybody. Russell is slated for a big payday, too.

Durant has connections to Brooklyn, too. Here are just a few:

Take a look...

-- His former personal trainer, shooting coach and current friend, Adam Harrington, is Brooklyn’s director of player development/assistant coach.

--His broken foot was repaired by Dr. Martin O’Malley, the Nets’ foot and ankle specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery. KD told another one of O’Malley’s patients back in 2015, “Once Doc finishes with you, you’ll be like brand new.”

That patient was Caris LeVert. Durant and LeVert have a relationship that’s deeper than most realize. Other than having the same foot specialist, the two have met up in L.A. over the past two summers for off-season workouts. It’s something that hasn’t been spoken about much.

Durant’s advice to LeVert? “Be ready for that moment.”

It seems like that moment is coming soon, and with interesting developments like this — it makes you wonder... will “that moment” potentially involve Durant in Brooklyn? Only time will tell, but all of this only adds fuel to the fire.