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Culture, the City and Kenny look like the big lures for Nets free agents

NBA: Washington Wizards at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In interviews published the last few days, both Sean Marks and Spencer Dinwiddie spoke about how they expect the Nets will be able to attract top notch free agents —what Dinwiddie called “all-stars and superstars”— this summer.

The GM, interviewed by Michael Grady of YES, and the player, interviewed by Alex Kennedy of Hoopshype, both pointed to the Nets culture, focusing on different aspects of it. And Kenny Atkinson got kudos as well.

“(Culture) is player led,” said Marks, put it at the top of the list. “We involve our players in a lot of different aspects. There’s hopefully not too many surprises for them along the way and they realize why we’re doing it, They’re educated along the way.”

Moving beyond the culture, Marks spoke about other aspects of the Nets, starting with being in Brooklyn and noting how important Kenny Atkinson will be as well.

“Obviously the brand, the marketing, and so forth; being in this top 1, 2 market in the world —that speaks for itself, But again, I think players like the system Kenny’s put in place. They like playing for him. They love the development.”

Marks noted as well the development of a fan base, led by The Block, is a big help.

“Our guys commented just the other day there’s a noticeable difference when you come into Barclays and you the Brooklyn Block and the guys out there are yelling and screaming their support.”

Dinwiddie mentioned a number of the same points when Kennedy asked him what he would pitch about the organization. Primarily, he mentioned the organization’s player focus ... and the team’s rising level of talent, pointing to how many players stepped up their game this season.

“We’re a playoff team, somewhere probably between fifth and eighth seed, and their talent level, I’m sure would push us to a No. 1, a No. 2, a No. 3, obviously contending with Milwaukee and Toronto —if Kawhi doesn’t leave (!!).

“In terms of the organization, a family atmosphere, a players’ first performance staff and organization,” Dinwiddie continued, adding, “You have a coach in Kenny who listens to his guys and is willing to be collaborative with a lot of stuff —and that’s not always the norm in the NBA. So that’s a special situation.

“There’s a whole culture that’s focused on the players and their bodies, getting adequate rest. From the top down it’s just built to accommodate the guys. So, you know, it’s a special place, the most fun stop on my tenure so far. That’s why I was so eager to sign the extension.”

Dinwiddie said as well that his situation and that of Joe Harris —signing for less than market value— speaks to his “dedication to the Brooklyn Nets” and to the organization. Can’t get a better endorsements than that.

We wrote about Kenny being Brooklyn’s biggest draw this summer.

Beyond free agency, Marks spoke about the Nets having their own first round pick and how it could all change from the current stockpile of three picks at 17, 27 and 32.

“That doesn’t mean we’re not going to try to get more picks or move picks or move up or whatever. That’s something that can change with the drop of a dime,” he noted.