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The Collector: Sean Marks adds yet another second rounder

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NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

With Thursday’s acquisition of the Raptors’ unprotected second rounder in 2021, the Nets continued their strategy of stockpiling draft picks, something Sean Marks has quietly prioritized since walking in the door three years ago (next week).

Fans don’t realize that not only did the Nets have no control of its first round picks through 2018 when Marks arrived. On February 18, 2016, they also didn’t have a second rounder from 2016 through 2021. Billy King had given them away in salary dumps or traded them in what now look like bad deals. Now, the Nets have all their own firsts going forward plus two others and at least one second in every year through 2024.

By our count, Marks has acquired 14 draft picks, four firsts and 10 seconds, in three years. Half have been used, half still out there. This June, in fact, the Nets are one of only four teams with multiple first rounders, their own and Denver’s lightly protected one.

Here’s what the Nets have acquired


—the Pacers first round pick (Caris LeVert)

—the Jazz second round pick (Isaiah Whitehead)


—the Wizards lottery-protected first round pick (Jarrett Allen)


—the Raptors lottery protected first round pick (Dzanan Musa)

—the Raptors unprotected second round pick (Rodions Kurucs)

—the Bucks protected second round pick (Hamidou Diallo ... traded)


—the Nuggets lightly protected first round pick

—the Knicks unprotected second round pick


—the Blazers heavily protected second round pick

—the Nuggets unprotected second round pick


— the Suns mildly protected second round pick

—the Raptors unprotected second round pick


—the Pacers unprotected second round pick*

—a swap of second rounders with the Hawks

*This pick can move up if Indiana fails to make the playoffs between 2019 and 2022.

The Nets also acquired the rights to a 2016 Hawks pick, 6’5” French shooting guard Isaia Cordinier, who had been taken by Atlanta with the 46th pick in that draft. He just turned 22.

Among those who the Nets traded to acquire those picks, some are no longer in the league, like Trevor Booker, Justin Hamilton and Andrew Nicholson.