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Is Brooklyn’s bench the best bench in the NBA... when it comes to celebrations?

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are a good basketball team. One of the top teams in the Eastern Conference. Not the best - but, a top-6 team.

They do have, however, arguably the best bench in the NBA...when it comes to celebrations. Top 1?

Let’s go to the tape:

That’s more of a “reaction” than a celebration,’s pretty great, nonetheless.

You get the point.

After Wednesday night’s win over the Nuggets, the players and Coach Atkinson weighed in on the energy that they get from those celebrations on the bench.

Here’s Joey ‘Buckets’ Harris:

Coach Atkinson said of the celebrations, “I think it’s great because we do notice the other – when it’s not animated, when the bench is down.” There’s your energy.

He went on, “I’ll tell you, our young guys are kind of leading it, like Theo’s (Pinson) somehow become the ringleader of the bench. Not only is he animated but he’s got a great sense of humor. He keeps the bench lively and in good spirits.” And there’s your leader.

“And we have guys like Ed Davis, he likes to be there at the end of the game and he’s up there cheering. Even the guys that are injured – they’re up there cheering. I know I feel it as a coach and it lifts my spirit. I think it’s a pretty cool thing,” Atkinson said.

It’s the kind of thing you love to see as a fan of the Nets - maybe hate to see as an opponent - but the energy is certainly contagious. And fun.