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L2M Report: Shabazz Napier —and Gregg Popovich— were right about last shot

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets- San Antonio Spurs game Thursday night had just about everything a fan would want to see. Bats stormed the court of the AT&T Center delaying the game for roughly three minutes in the first quarter and the teams battled down to the wire.

But, the Spurs ended up winning the game when they successfully defended a three by Shabazz Napier, or so the officials ruled. The call was missed ... a call that should have gone in the Nets favor. Napier knew it. Kenny Atkinson knew it. Even Gregg Popovich knew it. He walked up to Atkinson after the game and said, “That was a bad non-call.”

Turns out they were right!

In the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report, which reviews all calls —and missed ones— in the final two minutes of any close NBA game, Napier of the Nets should have had the chance to tie the game and send it into overtime, said the L2M Report, put together by the league’s officiating office.

Here’s the operative paragraph...

‘(LaMarcus) Aldridge (SAS) makes contact to the body of (Shabazz) Napier (BKN) during his shooting motion that affects his jump shot attempt (00:01.9) ‘

Napier argued the missed call vociferously following the final buzzer while the Nets bench stood in disbelief. Didn’t matter. Nets lost. The refs, the Spurs and bats won.

The other 18 calls during the final two minutes are listed as correct non call (CNC) or correct call (CC). Unfortunately, the incorrect call (INC) went against Brooklyn.

This is not new.

On November 30, a matchup between the Nets and the Memphis Grizzlies, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute report, the referees of the game missed EIGHT calls during the game. Of those eight calls, six should’ve been in the Nets favor. And yes, Brooklyn took a tough double overtime loss in that game.

Brooklyn are very familiar with not receiving calls. As reported last year, Brooklyn was on the wrong side of an incorrect call or incorrect non-call in the final two minutes 29 times. That led the league.