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Post Report Card: Three A’s for players, coach

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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Brian Lewis tried his hand at a mid-season (actually 23 season) report card for the Nets. Lewis gave out a lot of good marks up and down the roster, including A’s for D’Angelo Russell, Jarrett Allen and Kenny Atkinson.

Other than an incomplete for Dzanan Musa, Lewis grades all 14 players currently on the roster. Jared Dudley and Allen Crabbe were down at the bottom with a C-.

Here’s what he said about the A students...

D’Angelo Russell: A

The young point guard arrived from Los Angeles admittedly not knowing how to be a pro. Now he’s the Nets’ first All-Star since 2014 and their first essentially homegrown one in his prime since 2013. Oh, and he’s just 22.

Jarrett Allen: A

The 20-year-old center leads the Nets in blocks (1.6) and win shares (5.4), making the Rising Stars Challenge. He’s part of the long-term foundation and will still be making just $3.9 million in 2020-21.

Kenny Atkinson: A

Atkinson has garnered notice throughout the league as a potential Coach of the Year dark horse. His flexibility in tweaking his offense, ability in building a rapport with Russell and wherewithal to keep the Nets together amidst an eight-game skid show the third-year coach’s growth. Grade: A

Lewis also gave Sean Marks an A- and two players — Joe Harris and Ed Davis— a B+. Two players who’ve lost a lot of time to injuries, Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie, got B’s, as did Rodions Kurucs. Here’s what Lewis said about the Nets rookie.

Rodions Kurucs: B

The second-round pick was the lowest-drafted player to make the Rising Stars Challenge. His length, defense and shooting have been a plus, and he’ll still be a bargain at $1.8 million in 2021-22, the fourth year of his deal.

The Post didn’t grade the Nets two two-ways, both of whom have spent most of their time with Long Island, or 10-day deal Mitch Creek.

Lot more to look at ... and grade.