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Rodions Kurucs goes 10/5/4, Jarrett Allen has monster block in Rising Stars

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The United States beat the World, 161-144, in the Rising Stars Challenge Friday night but who cares. How’d the Nets duo do?

Pretty good.

Rodions Kurucs played 15 minutes for the World and despite having being picked 40th, later than anyone on either team, he finished with 10 points, five assists and four rebounds. The 6’10” Latvian shot 4-of-9 overall, including 2-of-6 from deep and was all over the floor, just as he has been for Brooklyn.

Jarrett Allen played a minute less for the United States, scoring two points and grabbing five rebounds, but had one bright, shining moment, yet another staggering block, this one on Ben Simmons. He also swatted a desperation shot by Kurucs at the end of the quarter. It wouldn’t have counted because the shot was after the buzzer, but Allen felt he had to show his teammate who was boss.

And it wasn’t very aesthetic...

But the block on Simmons was a work of art!

Kurucs, on the other hand, did what he does for Brooklyn, a little here, a little there.

Other than the game, there was a lot of talk about the Nets during the game, particularly D’Angelo Russell. His resurgence may very well be one of the narratives of the weekend.

Here he is on the sidelines with Spencer Dinwiddie and friends.

And here’s a team photo of the five Nets in Charlotte and a couple of happy rich guys.

Left to right: Russell, Allen, Dinwiddie (who’d be defending his Skills competition championship if he wasn’t hurt), Nets chairman Dmitry Razumov, Kurucs, and the two Joes, Harris and Tsai, the Nets minority owner.

Next up the Nets, Harris will participate in the Three-Point Shooting Contest which starts at 8 p,m. Saturday.